M561 M792 Condec Gama Goat

    Get Together in Lower Saxony

    Richard Lehr  13 May 2023 12:30:00
    Ride to the meeting for historic military vehicles at the Bundeswehr training area in Luttmersen near Neustadt am Rübenberge (Lower Saxony).

    Image:Get Together in Lower Saxony
    (C) Matthias Klingspohn

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      Incredible Find - Nice to Have

      Richard Lehr  22 June 2020 17:50:00
      There are days where you can't stop shopping. One of the rarest parts I've ever seen, the Ambulance Top for the Goat's carrier. Well, I have a few more parts for the Ambulance. Perhaps the day will come, to modify the cargo carrier into an ambulance carrier.

      Image:Incredible Find - Nice to Have     Image:Incredible Find - Nice to Have

      Image:Incredible Find - Nice to Have     Image:Incredible Find - Nice to Have

      Pictures were taken by the seller in Illinois, USA.
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        Having more fun with the Goat

        Richard Lehr  17 April 2020 13:44:00
        There was a noise, a loud noise. While driving a Goat it is really hard to investigate for the cause. We started in front, with the oil pump of the transfer case which is known for some fails and noise. But this was working as desired. Next the drive shafts and differentials of the tractor. Also nothing found. Next the carrier. And yes, we got it. But really hard to see and find, because it is hidden in the housing for the carrier's propeller shaft.

        The bearing in the housing was disassembled. Only the inner and outer part of the bearing was there.

        Next problem was the yoke. The thread was nearly gone because the retainer of the slip joint was released and so it worked on the shaft and yoke.

        Image:Having more fun with the Goat

        Image:Having more fun with the Goat

        Image:Having more fun with the Goat

        Image:Having more fun with the Goat

        Image:Having more fun with the Goat
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          Manuals for the M561 Gama Goat

          Richard Lehr  28 March 2020 17:50:16
          Here comes a selection of manuals for the M561 / M792 ...
          LO 9-2320-242-12 June 1982 Lubrication Order LO 9-2320-242-12.pdf
          TM 9-2320-242-10-1 September 1980 Operation, Installation and Reference Data (Operator Level) TM 9-2320-242-10-1.pdf
          TM 9-2320-242-10-2 September 1980 Operation, Installation and Reference Data (Operator Level) TM 9-2320-242-10-2.pdf
          TM 9-2320-242-10-3 September 1980 Operation, Installation and Reference Data (Operator Level) TM 9-2320-242-10-3.pdf
          TM 9-2320-242-20-1 November 1980 Scheduled Maintetance (Organizational Level) [Vol 1 of 3] TM 9-2320-242-20-1.pdf
          TM 9-2320-242-20P September 1970 Organizational Maintenance, Repair Parts and Special Tool List TM 9-2320-242-20p.pdf
          TM 9-2320-242-34 April 1970 Direct Support and General Support, Maintenance Level TM 9-2320-242-34.pdf
          TM 9-2320-242-34-1 January 1981 Troubleshooting (Direct Support and General Support Level) [Vol 1 of 2] TM 9-2320-242-34-1.pdf
          TM 9-2320-242-34P June 1987 Direct Support and General Support Maintenance, Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists TM 9-2320-242-34P.pdf
          TM-55-2320-242-15-1 October 1973 Transportability Guidance TM-55-2320-242-15-1.pdf
          MWO 9-2320-242-35 August 1989 Modification Work Order (Seat Belts) MWO 9-2320-242-35.pdf
          PAM750-31 Operation and Preventive Maintenance, DA Pamphlet 750-31 PAM750-31.pdf

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            Back to Power

            Richard Lehr  13 March 2020 11:00:00
            This date is unforgettable: March, 13th, 2020. Friday. The weekend before the first shutdown in Germany because of the Corona pandemic.

            We picked up the engine at
            Viertel Motoren in Nuremberg in the morning of this magic Friday.

            Back home the engine went back into the engine compartment.

            All leaks gone, new gaskets everywhere, Blower changed from my replacement engine into the running engine. And finally painted in green. Looks like new but still the old buddy.

            And while the radiator was leaking, a NOS one came in, too.

            Image:Back to Power

            Image:Back to Power

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              How to become an Oil Baron

              Richard Lehr  31 October 2019 10:04:00
              Wondering why the engine was consuming so much oil, the Detroit Diesel was lifted out of the engine compartment for a better inspection from all sides.

              We found a leak on the crankshaft seal, clutch side. There was also oil coming out of the blower housing on the engine's front side. And yes, the oil filter housing was leaking a little bit. But that much? I filled up quarts after driving and the result is shown in the picture. I would say a gallon of oil was down there, in the engine compartment.

              Decision made, phone call made - driving south for delivery to Viertel Motoren in Nuremberg. Viertel Motoren is an authorized service partner for Detroit Diesel engines since 1970. While the engine is still in use, there is no problem in getting parts. As long as the US Army did not make some modifications.

              Image:How to become a Oil Baron
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                On the Road

                Richard Lehr  27 August 2017 15:00:00
                She is already having her new top and doors for the tractor. Waiting for a delivery from the USA with top and end curtains for the carrier.

                Image:On the Road

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                  Being in Bremen

                  Richard Lehr  22 April 2017 14:27:00
                  The "Schuppen Eins" in Bremen was celebrating the saison opening for historical vehicles on April 22nd, 2017. http://schuppeneins.com/galerie/

                  Image:Being in Bremen

                  Image:Being in Bremen
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                    Street legal Goat

                    Richard Lehr  11 July 2016 20:46:00
                    The Goat, loaded on an Assistance tow truck for a little journey to go thru the TÜV and get the §§21,23 certificates which are necessary to get her street legal and declared as a historical vehicel.

                    Image:Street legal Goat
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                      Flexible Brake Line

                      Richard Lehr  2 June 2016 19:51:00
                      Found some flexible brake lines used at the front and rear axle.

                      Image:Flexible Brake Line
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                        A new NATO Intervehicular Connector

                        Richard Lehr  15 May 2016 19:20:00
                        I got new parts to re-install the intervehicular connector. And the lights at the rear are working as before.

                        Image:A new NATO Intervehicular Connector
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                          Light Problems

                          Richard Lehr  24 April 2016 19:51:00
                          In 2015 I drove home and a friend of mine, driving behind me, told me, that my brake light and turn signal on the driver side isn't working.

                          So I checked nearly everything on the tractor and carrier. I did not found the cause. Finally I unplugged the connector. Well, two pins broken, but these are not for the rear lights, they are for the connectors in the carrier. While you cannot open the connector for inspection, I had to destroy it. After weeks of searching the solution was near and invisible. The cable from the rear was broken and no longer connected to the pin.

                          Image:Light Problems
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                            Axle Shaft

                            Richard Lehr  19 December 2015 17:28:00
                            A new axle shaft and deflector together with my new self-made seal and a self-made tool to install the seal on the axle shaft.

                            Image:Axle Shaft
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                              Plain encased seal at the axle shaft

                              Richard Lehr  4 December 2015 20:06:00
                              Since everything was done, the first year ended up in more maintenance work. Or better: investigation. It was not possible to find the seal (NSN 5330-00-410-2329 | P/N 11640306) which seals the axle shaft and the brake housing against dust and water. A friend of mine made me one which I installed together with a new axle shaft and deflector.

                              First it started with the seal. We used a material which might help to survive the next century
                              .Image:Plain encased seal at the axle shaft

                              And this was the final result:
                              Image:Plain encased seal at the axle shaft

                              Image:Plain encased seal at the axle shaft

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                                The Cause

                                Richard Lehr  31 August 2015 20:51:00
                                Item #2 in the figure, the seal, was causing the problem ...

                                Image:The Cause

                                Image:The Cause

                                Image:The Cause

                                Image:The Cause
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